Check Your Business Insurance

Jan 29, 2023

Make it Happen Monday — One Thing You Can Do THIS Week to Better Your Business

Insurance is something we, as business owners, sometimes set and forget.

This week, I challenge you to grab that policy you filed away — or better yet set up a call or coffee date with your business insurance agent and ask some great questions.

If your business has been growing or if you’ve changed some things around, your insurance agent needs to know. Have you added technology or devices to your office or business space? How about changing the way you meet or work with clients? All of these changes, even small ones, can change your risk and liability — all things an insurance agent needs to be aware of to keep you safely covered.

It’s also a good idea after that meeting, to schedule a follow-up in six months or so just to check back in. You support your insurance agent through your premium, make sure you do your part so that they can support you and your business!