Schedule a 1 on 1

Jan 15, 2023

Make it happen Monday — One Thing You Can do THIS Week to Better Your Business

Networking is one of — if not THE — best thing you can do for your business. 1 to 1s are the first step into moving deeper into a relationship with an individual in your network. These important meetings usually happen after you meet someone at an event and are sometimes referred to as follow-up meetings.

This week, your ONE THING is to schedule one of these valuable meetings. For the most impact, choosing a potential joint venture partner as the other half of this meeting would be great.

If you already have someone in mind, set up an invite email. If you don’t know someone yet, get yourself to a networking event such as a chamber mixer, organization meeting, meet-up, social event, class, workshop, or other event where your industry and/or target market gathers in person (or on a socially kind of zoom anyway).

When you write the first pass of your invite email, try to make it as generic as possible — this can become your base for inviting 1 to 1s later! Then, go back and add details. It’s always nice to have a touch point from which to start your conversation. This can be something you talked about at your initial meeting, or a common point you share in the industry or networking organization so the invitee can place you.

Don’t forget to offer suggestions on times to meet to speed up the process. Meeting via Zoom or in person are both acceptable, although I feel like post-COVID, we are all craving more face-to-face interaction and sometimes coffee gets better results than Zoom.


Finally, go into the meeting with an agenda that includes getting to know the other person so you can establish common business goals. Make the meeting productive by having some ideas of how you’d like to work with this individual as well.

Make it a great week and I’ll see you next Monday!