Three Reasons You Have Trouble Selling

by Jan 21, 2023Mindful Marketing

If you’ve ever struggled to sell your product or service, you’re not alone. I don’t think I’ve ever met an entrepreneur who didn’t feel like they weren’t good at sales. There are myriad of reasons explaining how this can happen, but let’s look at what I feel are the top three.

#1 Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are things we carry inside us that really don’t belong to us, but still make a great impact on how we show up in the world. They are the scripts that run free in our heads that tell us things like, “Who are you to be worthy of charging (insert amount) for (insert product or service)?” Or “You don’t deserve to be successful.” Or “I’ll never be able to fulfill this sale to (the buyer’s) satisfaction.” The list could go on — all those feelings of not being good enough, seeing only the imperfections in what you’re selling, and more get wrapped up in our heads laying explosive wires that blow up our sales success.

And the worst part, you may not even be aware these scripts exist. Ug.

If you suspect that limiting beliefs are at the root of your sales struggles, it’s time to get help. I highly recommend a Gestaltist (like me!) to guide you in finding, and then rewriting, the script in your head that is causing the issue. I promise it’s faster and more pain free than it sounds!

#2 You’ve Not Established the Value of What You’re Selling with Yourself or for Your Customer


Following — and sometimes associated with — those limiting beliefs is not having fully established with yourself the value of what you’re selling.

Sales success is a direct result of one of two factors: sheer quantity or establishing value. The latter is what I’m talking about here — and of the two factors, it’s the more important. Most of us do not have enough time to dedicate the “sheer quantity” factor.

There are two layers here: One, you have to believe in the value of what you’re selling. Two, you have to be able to communicate the value of what you’re selling to your potential consumer.

If you have difficulty in believing in the value of what you’re selling for yourself, it’s time to dig deep into why. If it’s because of a limiting belief or the like, see #1 above. If you’ve done that and you still don’t feel the value is there, it’s time to either shift your offer to make the value worth the price tag or the change the price tag to fit the value. I, personally, recommend the first of those two options: add value until you know in your heart, body, and soul what you’re selling is worth it for your consumers.

 If you have difficulty in communicating the value of what you’re selling to your consumers, then it’s time to dig deeper into your customer research — go to the library, do interviews, REALLY get to know your consumer’s pain points, desires, and outcomes. Become a dedicated student of everything (insert your target market). Once you’ve got all the talking points down, it’s time to practice!


#3 You Haven’t Practiced


Once you’ve squashed those limiting beliefs and fully believe in and know the value of what you’re selling, it’s time to practice.

Selling takes lots of practice. LOTS of practice. If you stumble around in talking about your product or service, or don’t know how to lead a consumer through a sales conversation, it will cost you conversions. To remedy this, I recommend you practice often — practice to the mirror, practice in the car, write sales copy, and whatever else you can think of to get really familiar with talking about what you’re selling and the questions you can utilize with consumers to lead them to inquire about those talking points.

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