Can you relate to any of the following?

“I want my fair share of online marketing.”

“I know my product is better than what’s on Amazon.”

“I know people would benefit from the service I offer.”

“My talent inspires people — but not to spend money on my art.”


You need a system for success …

Getting your business marketing up and running smoothly is a daunting process under the best of circumstances. If you’re an entrepreneur, start-up, solopreneur or artrepreneur, you’re probably going the DIY route as far as you can. Even if you’re not — knowledge is power and, in this case, that knowledge can save you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.

I have personally walked the path of developing a marketing program that works — for my own businesses and for my clients. I can tell you from experience, it is not easy, but it is worth it. I am creating the system I wish I’d had when I started my business — it would have helped be more successful faster.

Coming in April 2019 — The Intensive training you need to launch (or relaunch) your business to attract your perfect customers! Stay tuned by joining our VIP list or email to apply for access to our Beta testing program.* 

Business Model Canvas Intensives for Startups and Growth

It’s time to take a different look at starting and growing your business.

I have written a lot of business plans. 

Some for my company. Several for others. And I’ve consulted on quite a few more. Until recently, all were the traditional, linear plans that banks and investors love to read, but entrepreneurs struggle to create. They are long and boring and not always customer-centric (which is a big part of any plan for a successful business!)

A few months ago, I began to explore the Business Canvas Model. To me, this way of creating a business plan is a huge leap forward for entrepreneurs. 

First of all, it takes the linear out of the business plan (at least temporarily) and creates a canvas for the entrepreneur to paint their vision with passion while not losing sight of the realistic requirements and feasibility. It very a very pliable concept that easily can be moulded to any business type and any business owner personality. It is fun and creative, which means you will enjoy the experience (not always the case with traditional business plans!)

I am offering several ways for you to bring the Business Model Canvas to your startup or growth enterprise. 

  1. Intensive Individual Startup or Growth Journey:  Join me for a three day intensive workshop at The Beer Ranch in Missouri and dig deep into your business and marketing plan as well as your personal temperament, vision and motivations. This experience includes in person consulting and coaching; lodging and meals; and a personalized follow-up accountability program that will keep you on track for success. This is by far the best way to work on your business as we can limit interruptions and keep the focus keen on building the perfect plan for you! (Learn more about The Beer Ranch at

  3. One-on-One Virtual or In-Office Consultations: If you can’t come to the ranch, we can work on your canvas online or at your office in 60 and 90 minute sessions. The number of sessions and length of the consulting contract will depend you on your business and needs.

  5. Workshops: I will be offering paid intensive and free overview workshops in various locations throughout the year. Keep an eye on my Events page for opportunities!