Make it Happen Monday

One Email Each Week
One Short YouTube Video
One Action Step You Can Take

How it Works


First you need to subscribe.

Then, each week on Monday you will receive an unlisted YouTube video between 5 and 20 minutes long giving you one “mission” for that week. Topics have included things such as structuring your Facebook About Page to writing better subject lines for your marketing emails. Sometimes I talk about a tool or a podcast that I think my clients will find especially beneficial. Sometimes I will do a series of videos breaking down a complex task such as registering your business with Google.

Make it Happen Monday is free. I am, however, a marketer, so you may be subjected to a small ad or call to action for one of my classes or upcoming events.

You can watch older Make it Happen Monday videos on my YouTube Channel. I have embedded the playlist in the sidebar on this page so you can see some past videos. Videos are released to YouTube publicly after a few weeks, but they will contain YouTube advertising. Our email subscribers will always have access to the videos first and always without YouTube’s advertising.

How it Began

A few years ago, I was coaching a group of entrepreneurs on how to market their businesses on social media. Every week, I’d give them a set of tasks they could do to market on various channels. Resoundingly, the feedback after the group concluded was, “This was GREAT, but I got overwhelmed, so I haven’t done anything yet … but I will when I figure out what to do first.”

I HATED THAT! They loved my teaching, but they were not using what I taught them because it was overwhelming. My group was not alone. More conversations led me to this conclusion: business owners want to try new things, but they get lost in the information vortex or frozen by decision paralysis.

So I created Make it Happen Monday — one simple thing you can try this week to move your business marketing forward. Make it Happen Monday started out as a free webinar, but people seemed to want to watch a recording more than a live event, so I accommodated that trend and began to send the videos via email to my subscribers. I’ve gotten great feedback on the emails because they show up in the inbox as reminders!



Michelle in Ohio says ...

“After completing Kim’s 4-part educational series on marketing I feel empowered with knowledge about the big picture as I position my business in the world of technology. She has also provided me with tools to plan and execute each step of the process! Kim’s teaching style is clear and direct without a lot of confusing “sidebar” commentary about fringe options. Thank you Kim for helping me discover the language of marketing and sharing knowledge that is relevant and practical as I move forward with my business.”