Consulting Services

The Benefits of Having a Marketing Coach/Consultant

Ideas and projects manifest quicker. We all know time is money, even a single consulting call can make a huge difference in getting results.

Collaborative creativity will take your further than you ever imagined possible. You don’t know what you don’t know — and that limits the possibilities. When you work with us in a coaching/consulting capacity, you get unfettered access to what we know and that moves you forward faster than you even can imagine right now.

You become accountable in moving toward success. Lack of accountability is the number one reason most entrepreneurial projects fall into oblivion. When you had a “real job,” you had a boss to report to who kept you accountable. As an entrepreneur, you are that boss and being accountable to yourself takes years of practice and, even then, can be sketchy. A coach is your accountability resource; helping you stay on track even when the distractions start to take over.

Financial investment in a coach or consultant makes your commitment real. Let’s face it, when you put skin in the game, the outcomes become tangible and your commitment escalates to important. Financially investing in a coach or consulting program — whether it’s one session or an annual contract — keeps you focused on the goal and producing results. You don’t just learn it and forget it, you implement, you push and you make it happen.

Anyone who has been in a sport, honed a skill (like a musical instrument) — or trained an animal such as dog or horse — can easily recognize the benefits of regular coaching. You simply make more progress faster when you practice and have an accountability partner. The same is true of your business.

It was taking me forever to get from point A to point B … now I feel like I’m getting somewhere, finally! Thank you for being a life-line and an anchor.

Martha, Arizona

Take a look over the fence with a Rent Kim’s Brain Session

You have questions — we have answers.

Get ideas and action steps on how to take your marketing to the next level.

Add more advanced methods to your marketing plan such as a content marketing strategy, customer funnels, paid social ads and more.

This one hour session is packed with anything and everything you need to Make it Happen. Includes a one hour online meeting and any collateral that can be completed in that hour such as copy writing, Photoshop work, social media setup, marketing email design.

Six Month and Annual Coaching Contracts — Catch Your Dreams

Regular coaching is where we do the BIG work — the things that position you for long term success.

All coaching packages include a strategy plan, implementation plan, and regular online coaching work sessions. In addition to coaching hours, our contract clients enjoy a set number of project dollars devoted to their marketing each month where our talented team of creatives will design collateral for their marketing endeavors and directly implement their marketing plans.

Available in six month and annual commitments. Cost is based on commitment length and number of product dollars allotted per month. Cost $400 to $1500/month 

Rhonda in Missouri says ...

Kimberly is an amazing multi-talented individual who can take your idea from concept to completion, implement it and get results. She is a one-stop business professional and creative who can concept, write, edit, photograph, video, web design and PULL together your entire project. I don’t know anyone else like her!!! Kimberly is equally and exceptionally versed in all these areas and it has been my pleasure to do business with her over the years.