About us

Meet the Team

photo by Terri Cage Photography

Kimberly Beer

President of Midnight Productions, Inc., Creative Adventurer/Badass Manifester

I am, at my heart level, an active advocate for entrepreneurial success. The mission of our family and our family of companies at Be More Business is to create an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive. After 32+ years of entrepreneurial experience, I know what it takes to make a small business succeed — and, just as importantly, I know what it feels like to make one fail. Although we can’t do it all for you — my team and I are here to give you every tool we can and every bit of inspiration we have to see you take your business to the level of your dreams.

Stats: professional photographer since 1985; marketing services entrepreneur since 1993; ranch manager since 1999 and ranch owner since 2005; award winning writer, graphic designer, photographer and speaker.

Typology: ENFJ/P | Strengths: Ideation, Strategic, Positivity, Communication, Futuristic

Jessica Hudson

Vice President of Midnight Productions, Inc., Wonder Woman of MultiTasking

Jessica is the go-to girl on our team. If you want something done, she’s the one you need to call. Her strengths are in keeping Kim and Nick organized and keeping your projects on schedule. Jessica is also currently learning how to strategize and implement marketing programs with our clients. Soon, she will begin teaching webinars and seminars!

Jessica is mom to two great kids: Alexis (9) and Asher (2). She is married to Kim’s son, Billy. She enjoys crafting and spending time with her furbabies which include Silo the cattledog and several capricious goats (Ouzo is the one in the photo).

Typology: ESFJ | Strengths: Belief, Futuristic, Developer, Relator, Included

Nick Hudson

Production Director at Midnight Productions, Inc., Super Saiyan Creative Warrior

Nick is the quiet force behind many of our most creative projects. He works on almost all of our client websites; does a lot of our video production and photo editing; and is an amazing logo designer. Nick is also an integral part of the ranch, taking care of animals and keeping the place looking beautiful.

In his off work hours, Nick enjoys playing Skyrim and is a guru of all things Dragon Ball Z. He is also the “funcle” that every niece and nephew would love to have, a wonderful brother to Billy and fantastic son.

Typology: ISFP | Strengths: Includer, Input, Empathy, Individualization, Intellection

Our Story …

Midnight Productions, Inc., the parent company of Be More Business, is a family company. The Beer Ranch is our home.

Before I was an entrepreneur, I was the farmer’s daughter — a title I always adored because it was one I was chosen to take. I was adopted by my maternal grandparents, Max and Louise Beer, who, just before my birth, had finally achieved their dream of owning a ranch. 1000 acres. A retirement. A place just for them… and then came me. They made the place of their dreams accommodate one more.

I honestly think I was born to be an entrepreneur. Other kids played house, I played business. I have also always been an artist. It took me years, however, to embrace these natural tendencies. Along the way, I spent a lot of hours in night school experimenting. I have a degree in history (ancient history), most of a degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, and most of a degree in psychology. I have worked for huge corporations and mom-and-pop businesses. I have been the secretary, the computer programmer, the midnight shift typesetter, and the office manager. I have always had a side hustle, though.

I bankrupted my first “official” business when I was 26. It was not pretty. I swore I’d never have another one. I even promised a Judge. In short, I lied. Within six months, a side hustle happened by in the form a graphic design job. I took it and haven’t looked back since.

When I was forming Midnight Productions, Inc., I had a little more sense and lot more experience. I got help. The help I received changed the course of my life. It came in the form of an SBDC counselor whose name I can no longer remember but whose impact still moves me today. Long story short, a business plan, a kind banker, and a lot of help from my friends and family turned into a business that’s been solvent — and dare I say, successful — for 25 plus years.

What began as a marketing service company has since turned into a marketing coaching and education company. Although I still take service clients, my passion is in teaching and inspiring people achieve success in their businesses. Ideation is my strongest gift. I love witnessing an entrepreneur take an idea that I have inspired in them and, along with the tools I have had a part in teaching them, create success for themselves. It is in my top three favorite things in the world with the other two being my family and our ranch.

Speaking of that family and ranch — well, I adopted two boys who were looking for a place to fit in. Billy and Nick are my greatest gift and what they bring to my life is truly beyond expression in words — even for an English major. The ranch my parents envisioned is now our home and the home to their families as well. Billy brought Jessica and her daughter, Alexis, into our lives and expanded all of our hearts even further. Billy and Jessica’s son, Asher, completes our six pack at the Beer Ranch.

The ranch itself is an oasis of peace for us. It is one that we envision sharing in the future with our clients. Our eventual goal is to fully integrate entrepreneurs seeking success with the mindful presence of the ranch and its inhabitants. Many of our current clients are life coaches who partner with horses and nature to help people remove the obstacles that are blocking them from greater achievement. I have experienced their magic and I want to bring that to the other people I work with in my business. At the present time, we do offer customized life coaching on the ranch, but it is not at the level of our vision … yet.

The theme to our collective story has not always been a perfect one. As individuals, we have experienced some pretty unkind hardships. As a family of choice, however, we are firmly rooted in the knowledge that we are better together than separate. Know that when you work with us, you are working with a team of people who are just as committed to a great outcome for your business as they are for their own. We know what it is to struggle, and we are learning what it is to succeed beyond our dreams, mindfully and with presence of joy.