Transforming your business should be a

Creative Process

If you are an entrepreneur who wishes you could get as excited about business and marketing development as you are about your mission, you’re in the right place to:

Learn, step-by-step, how to attract the right people at the right time with your mission and message.

Fulfill your business goals with joy, confidence & clarity.

Create Sustainable Entrepreneurship practices.

Do you want to make more impact?

I see you, mission-based entrepreneur. You have the passion and the heart. You have the ideas and the ambition. Business and marketing development are things you KNOW you must do to succeed … but they are so damn hard.

What if I told your business growth and marketing development doesn’t have to be confusing, difficult, — or mind-numbingly dull?

What if business planning and marketing development could actually lighten your load rather than add to it? 

Here’s what I know to be true: business development can be enlightening and exciting if it’s done in a way that comes naturally to you. Humans are creative souls and when we bring our natural creativity to business planning and marketing, magical things happen.

At Be MORE Business, we use outside-the-box tools (quite literally sometimes), clear “no bullshit” training, and creative coaching to:

Get you step-by-step clear on how you’re going to create the business you want.

Manifest the assets and skills — both internal and external — you need to start or scale.

Hold you capable to achieving the milestones you want to attain.

Hi, I’m Kim, Creative Adventurer & Entreprenuerial Strategist

Let me ask you some questions — just to see if anything in them resonates with you:

Do you have a vision of where you want to go, but no idea how to get there?

Do you have a message you worry will never reach the audience whose lives it will transform?

Does conventional business methodology feel like it will suck the joy right out of you? 

Do you find yourself concerned about time, money and your life outside of your business?

And the biggest question of all:

Is stress about what you don’t know about business and marketing causing you to lose sleep?

I have been there, done that and answered “Yes” to every one of these questions. I’m not going to tell you I’ve found “the answer” because, to be honest, the solutions to every one of these situations are unique to you and your business. What I have found, is that when you infuse business and marketing development with the creative process, you will reveal solutions. I use my 30+ years of entreprenuerial experience along with my creativity and my love of teaching to guide you through your own creative process and then manifest the skills and knowledge you need to execute the result.  If you’d like a sample, I invite you to check out my events page and sign-up for a free seminar or webinar. Also look for me as I frequently facilitate seminars and workshops for business organizations such as:

Let’s get you out of the struggle box!

What do you need?

“I want to explore the possibilities in my business.”

Attend a Seminar or Webinar

Join me for a live seminar on topics specific to marketing and entreprenuership. I also have webinars you can attend from anywhere with Internet access. Be sure to check out our new hybrid Webinar with a Workshop offerings!

“I am really ready for results driven help.”

Enroll in a Course or Program

We offer intensive group and private workshops virtually, on the ranch, and on-location. Launching in February 2020 is The Content Creation School. There is already a no-cost-to-you course available for enrollment so you can learn the ins and outs of content marketing.


“I want to go all in and transfrom my business.”

Get Coaching and/or Consulting

Almost of our paid programs come with coaching and consulting included, but sometimes you will want more. We offer a very limited number of retainer contracts, some with creative assets included.

Let me explain …

How a ranch and nature can make a difference in your business.

I mentioned above how sometimes we literally use “outside-the-box” tools, training, consulting and coaching? When you get outside and into nature — away from the distractions of smart phones and the demands of clients, operations, staff, family, and the general noise of life — you are more able connect with yourself, your creativity and your true mission. Nature is in who we are at our core — and our absence from it in our day-to-day modern life makes the connection oh so powerful when it is accessed at a place like The Beer Ranch. It is in this natural space, you will find it easy to discover the things you need internally to manifest the things you need externally in your business. Of course, not everything we do occurs outdoors or in nature — but we always try to bring elements of it into our trainings and workshops even when they are held inside.

Horses are intregral to our more intensive programs. Through a practice known as Equine Gestalt Coaching, the horses will get you present with yourself and help you shift your mindset where it needs to go to create the growth and sustainability you are seeking in your business. This type of intensive activity is not for everyone, and you by no means have to “get Gestalt” with a horse to gain a lot from our programs. If you do step into the roundpen, however, be prepared that there’s a good chance it will change your life for the better!

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Kim was sharp, relatable, highly knowledgeable, funny, and I’d love to go to another class of hers. Thanks! 

SCORE Workshop Attendee


Ms. Beer Knows her stuff! Worth every penny.

Gerry, SBTDC Workshop


Love Kimberly’s classes. She personalizes it, knowing and using our businesses as examples.

KC SCORE Workshop


Very positive, eye opening and motivating!

SCORE Workshop


I have been in marketing for 11+ years and still found skills in this workshop that were helpful.

SCORE Workshop

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