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Kimberly Beer

I teach people how to become Sustainable Entrepreneurs through the lessons offered by nature, animals, art and agriculture.

I am, at my heart level, an active advocate for entrepreneurial success. The mission at Be More Business is to create an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive. After 32+ years of entrepreneurial experience, I know what it takes to make a small business succeed — and, just as importantly, I know what it feels like to make one fail. Although we can’t do it all for you — my team and I are here to give you every tool we can and every bit of inspiration we have to see you take your business to the level of your dreams.

I am an expert in:

• Creative ideation as a solution in business growth and marketing;
• Content marketing programs and strategies;
• Strategies for whole life, sustainable entrepreneurship (work/life balance);
• Marketing automation and technology, especially email marketing and CRM;
• Business problem solving through the creative process.

I have specific expertise with:

• The Equine Industry
• Pet, Animal-based and Agri Business Development
• The Coaching Industry
• Professional Artists, Writers and Photographers
• Solopreneurship
• Start-ups

I am also a professional speaker with over 10 years of experience delivering presentations on marketing, business and entrepreneurship.


Stats: Touched by a Horse Certified Equine Gestaltist, professional photographer since 1985; marketing services entrepreneur since 1993; ranch manager since 1999 and ranch owner since 2005; award winning writer, graphic designer, photographer and speaker. Named an Inspirational Influencer by International Association of Women KC.

Typology: ENFP

Strengths: Ideation, Strategic, Positivity, Communication, Futuristic

Member of: Central Exchange of Kansas City | The Freelance Exchange | Professional Photographers of America | The Equine Photographers Network | American Horse Publications | Social Media Marketing Society | InterUrban Arthouse | Touched by a Horse Equine Gestaltist

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The Team

Nickolai Beer

Production Director at Midnight Productions, Inc., Super Saiyan Creative Warrior

Nick is the quiet force behind many of our most creative projects. He works on almost all of our client websites; does a lot of our video production and photo editing; and is an amazing logo designer. Nick is also an integral part of the ranch, taking care of animals and keeping the place looking beautiful.

In his off work hours, Nick enjoys playing Skyrim and is a guru of all things Dragon Ball Z. He is also the “funcle” that every niece and nephew would love to have plus a wonderful brother to Billy and Shane.

Typology: ISFP | Strengths: Includer, Input, Empathy, Individualization, Intellection