The Beer Ranch

The Beer Ranch

750 acres where the prairie meets the Ozarks … and where you can find the space to explore, develop, learn, grow and connect to the soul of your business. We offer custom 1, 3 and 4 day on-site experiences. 

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What we do at the ranch is unique and involves the best of the creative business development tools we have to offer. You can expect an experience that will meet you right where you are and help you uncover the next best steps for you to take in your business (and sometimes your life as well). 

Take a Journey at the Ranch

Have you ever wished you could just immerse yourself in business devleopment for a few days — away from the distractions of your business? Yeah? Yeah! I can make that happen for you — and in a way that is fun and creative. We offer one, three and four day customized experiences for you — or you and your team — where we go full-on business development with tools such as the Business Model Canvas, the personal KaleIdoscope, The Life Compass, and Equine Gestalt Coaching. You will leave renewed and with a plan of action and follow-up coaching exactly where and when you need it. Book an exploratory call with me to find out more.