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Real & Engaging

My mission is to inspire and educate entrepreneurs to use creative, results-oriented tactics that will carry their business to the next level. My seminars and workshops are honest, enlightening and packed with great action steps and technical instruction. I do my best to tailor any learning seminar to the people actually in the audience so they have real-world strategies for their business.

“The evaluations all came back as excellent, and from the questions and interaction, the group seemed to be appreciative of the information and your presentation. I thought you did a great job too!”

Karl, Washburn University SBDC

How I do Learning Seminars and Workshops 1-2-3

1. Choose The Program Content

How to do Digital Marketing

Websites, social media, SEO, email marketing! Oh my! Today’s entrepreneur needs to be on top of the latest trends in all of these categories. I can speak on any current digital marketing topic specifically or give a generalized class on developing your online marketing presence.

Content Creation

Creating and organizing all the “stuff” that goes into websites, social media, and email marketing is something every entrepreneur must either master or direct their creative team to do. In this set of seminars and workshops I teach your attendees how to create and utilize content in written, visual, and video formats. We can keep it overview simple or go deep into how-to, formulas, techniques, and equipment.

Digital Product Development

Creating an online course can be both lucrative and rewarding as can be membership sites and paid communities. Whether they are stand-alone products or part of a larger business plan, there’s a lot to learn about digital product development. If you have an audience who is passionate about what they do and want to connect or teach others, let’s talk about adding a seminar or workshop to your upcoming event schedule!

Creative Entrepreneurial Growth and Development

Many of my entrepreneurial services offer different and fresh ways to look at business development – think truly creative, interactive, and engaging! If you want to take a deep dive into what it takes to mindfully start, grow and sustain a small business let’s brainstorm a way to bring your attendees workshops like visual business planning, value-based customer journey exploration, vision work, and personal KaleIdoscope exploration.

2. Choose the Delivery

Live and in person


Blended Online Self Study and Live/Webinar

Seminar (short-medium format, top level learning)

Workshop (long format, intensive learning, some hands-on)

Class (short format, how-to focused)

3. Choose Your Investment

No Fee (local Kansas City or Webinars Only)

Allow me to give a short commercial for myself or one of my affiliates (you can approve the message in advance) and I will provide webinars, seminars or classes at no cost. I ask that no, or at most a nominal-fee, be charged to participants for this type of event.


Pay a negotiated fee and avoid the commercial. I do ask that I be able to pass around a signup sheet for anyone who wants to stay in contact with me. Payment may also be bartered for memberships and booth fees depending on the event.

Profit Share

Hold an intensive seminar or workshop and let’s charge and split the proceeds after expenses. These types of events are focused on a very tight learning objective and we will both have access to the attendee list.

Keynotes and Inspirational Speaking

Bring Lessons From the Ranch to Your Audience.

Are you looking for an inspirational way to reach your entrepreneurial audience? Bring the Lessons from the Ranch to your group or organization as a keynote presentation. Kim will handcraft the perfect talk for your group — one that create the perfect blend of inspiration and strategic how-to. 

Want to explore the possiblities for your group?

Organizations I present for regularly

Who we work with

Chambers of Commerce

Community College Small Business Development Programs

University Entreprenuership Programs

Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

Past Events

Touched by a Horse SUMMIT

Novi Horse Expo

OneCon Las Vegas

PartnerCon Phoenix

GrowNE Marketech

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Soroptimists International Regional Meeting

International Association of Women

Women’s Business Network

Apartment Association of KC



Square One Small Business Bootcamp

Unity Artists Coalition

Raytown Artists Association

InterUrban Arthouse

and many more