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First, let me say, I am honored and excited that you came to the page of my website that says “Work with Kim!” Thank you.

There are several ways I provide my services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Classes, Seminars, Webinars and Workshops

Many of the overarching strategies, methods and techniques I teach and promote can be learned in one of the many events I do each year. I routinely provide webinars on a multitude of topics around marketing, entrepreneurial development, and tools/resources for small businesses. You can also catch me at SCORE, SBDC, BBB, Square One and other entrepreneurial resource providers. Classes, seminars and webinars are either free or very low cost. Workshops are more intensive, hands-on and may have a fee. If you’re just exploring my programs, one of my events is a great way to get to know me. Click here to visit the events page.

The Content Creation School

The serve-to-sell/serve-to-retain model is at the heart of what I teach. Content Marketing is one of the most efficient ways of achieving this model. Almost every entrepreneur I know struggles with developing quality content for either their base marketing programs or their more complex content marketing endeavors. Many times, the struggle is related to not having the tools or skills they need to make content creation easier. This is why I am in the process of building The Content Creation School. Here, you can learn all about Content Marketing, how it is done, why it is important and about the tools available to make it all a whole lot easier on you and a whole lot more wow for your customers. There is a free course to get you started, Content Marketing 101. Click here to enroll now.

After you’ve been through the free introductory course, I offer advanced courses throughout the year on creating written, visual, and video content. These courses come with deep-dive skill lessons that teach you the techniques you need to thrive as a content creator. Each is about a three month commitment. There is a “grab and go” self-study option if you just want the knowledge. If you’re really serious about adding a higher level of written, visual, or video content to your business, I encourage you to consider enrolling in the group learning with mentoring option. Accountability and coaching are two of the critical factors that lead to success when learning a new skill and this option provides both.

The Written Content Course opens April 1, 2020

The Visual Content Course opens June 1, 2020

The Video Content Course opens September 1, 2020

To be notified when enrollment opens, click here and leave a message with the name of the course you’re interested in attending.


Take a class or workshop with me.

Enroll in my Free Content Marketing 101 online course.

Join the Make it Happen Monday Club

Book a tool demo or consulting exploratory call.

Make it Happen Monday Club


Business development is not a linear process. For many entrepreneurs, getting a handle on even simple business skills and strategies that can move their business forward is a challenge. There are 10,000 things to do — and that’s just what needs to be done today! Tomorrow, the list will grow. I developed Make it Happen Monday a few years ago to help entrepreneurs get a grip on just one simple thing per week. The program was successful, but it was still too much. So I retooled the program and now Make it Happen Monday is the first Monday of each month and features one simple thing you can work on this month in your business. The one simple thing ranges a host of small business “need to dos” that never seem to get the attention they deserve such as: building your sustainability squad, creating a brand board, honing your value statements, setting up your smart phone to help you with marketing, zeroing in on your most ideal customer’s characteristics. In other words, all those simple things you know you should do for you business, but don’t ever seem to get around to.


When you join the Make it Happen Monday club, you will be making a commitment to make that one simple thing happen over the course of the month. To help you, I will give you a jump-start video lesson, a workbook, and an invitation to join me for three set open-door virtual office hours each month (log in and talk to me an whomever else is in the meeting to problem solve or get coaching). You can use any or all. You can also hire me at a special rate for the month to help you more if you need it. Make it Happen Monday club is FREE for the first three months, and then $39/annually after that. You claim your three month free trial by clicking here.


Take a Journey at the Ranch

Have you ever wished you could just immerse yourself in business devleopment for a few days — away from the distractions of your business? Yeah? Yeah! I can make that happen for you — and in a way that is fun and creative. We offer one, three and four day customized experiences for you — or you and your team — where we go full-on business development with tools such as the Business Model Canvas, the personal KaleIdoscope, The Life Compass, and Equine Gestalt Coaching. You will leave renewed and with a plan of action and follow-up coaching exactly where and when you need it. Book an exploratory call with me to find out more.